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Laws of a land are basically the rules that have been set for proper day to day functioning of the country. The law of the land differs from country to country and helps people maintain a certain level of discipline and decorum in the country. Laws are made by the government in accordance with the powers that are given to them by the constitution. There are some laws that are National in nature indicating that all people in the country need to follow them. There are some laws that pertain to specific states too.

National laws of the country are made by the Congress, the legislative branch of the government. These laws can be in any area that the Congress decides to create a rule and can range from the side of the road that one should drive to speed limits and whether a specific substance is considered legal or not.

In a period of about 2 years, which is the time frame that a particular Congress holds office, about 10,000 bills can be introduced. However, only those that are discussed, approved and voted as a law are the ones that are introduced in the country. A bill can be introduced by any member of the Congress, but this debated upon before it can become a law. 


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