United States Political Issues

Since the beginning of the establishment of governments, there have always been political issues that develop into hot buttons and extensive debates as politicians and government officials work to stem the issues. The news covers a lot of the action that follow political debates that range from foreign policy to gay rights.

Each political topic is surrounded by debate as parties voice their different opinions. Some hot political topics include net neutrality, voting rights, unions, entitlements, health care and immigration. In order to stem the political issues that arise on a regular basis, policies have to be put into place and enforced.

It is not possible to predict political issues, but they mostly stem from ideas that revolve around a citizen’s basic civil rights or the economy. In the United States, civil rights are outlined in the Constitution’s list of amendments. When these rights are violated or come close to being violated a huge political debate evolves into a political issue which spends a lot of time at the forefront of the news and governing bodies, who spend time trying to find solutions to diffuse the issues. No matter how much the government evolves, there will always be political issues that demand resolution.


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