United States Political Issue: Health Care

Health Care is the act of providing care to people as a preventative measure and also for injury or illness. This Health care is administered by doctors, nurses and specialists. It is one of the main responsibilities of a government, to maintain good health of their citizens. It is recommended that certain preventative measures be taken by a person throughout their lives to ensure a healthy life. For example a physical is required before attending school each year to evaluate a person’s health. This not only allows them to know that they are physically able to attend but also allows the school to provide a safe environment for the students free from disease or illness.

As a person grows older and no longer has a mandate for the physical, many opt out unless they are feeling out of sorts. This is not the smartest move a person can make, but happens more than not. Also as time goes on there are certain tests that should be done to protect an age appropriate person from obtaining or possibly developing a later stage of a disease or illness such as different forms of cancer that are treatable in the earlier stage, but life threatening if not detected early enough. 

Health Care is something that everyone needs access to but not always what everyone has. Politicians are always working to improve healthcare of the country with the aid of benefits such as Medicare and old age homes for senior citizens.


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