United States Politicians

A politician is someone who influences public policy making and decision making. These are people who are involved in positions in the government or those who are trying to be in a position where they can become policy makers. In a democracy, politicians fight elections to win a position in the House of Representatives or the Senate but in some other forms of government it is right of inheritance, coup d’etat and other methods are used to achieve a position in the government.

US Political Parties

While there are politicians that are part of a specific party - the Democratic or the Republican Party, there are also other politicians that can appear or stand in elections as independents. A political party is one that tries to ensure that its representative gets the maximum vote so that he is elected for a position in the government. This ensures that the political party will have a higher influence informing government policies and passing bills.

A politician can be someone who operates at the village level, the town or city level, the state level or the national level. Participation in elections, especially if they are at a national or federal level, requires campaigning to be elected. This involves making your agenda and view point known to public, assessing public opinion and sentiment and moving poll results that help refine campaign strategy.


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