United States Political Parties and Movements

A political party is an organization that intends to obtain a majority in the government to be able to influence government policies. The members of the political parties typically have some common grounds of political beliefs and they participate in electoral campaigns to get elected. 

Most of the political parties also have explicitly expressed and written ideologies on the basis of which they garner votes. This also becomes the basis of the manner in which they work when they are in power. The ideologies also become important when coalitions need to be formed in a government.

While the United States Constitution is silent on the subject of political parties, these have come around so as to garner support of the people for their candidates. The country has always had two main political parties at the Federal level - the Democratic Party and the Republican Party.  While the Democratic Party swings left of center and supports America Liberalism and Third Way, the Republicans are positioned as right of center and support American Conservatism and economic liberalization. 

Political parties start off social movements in the political arenas called movements. These can be organized or created by the sparks of a single individual. The list of political movements in the country is large and some date as far back as 50 years.


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