United States Political Issue: Economy

An economy is the system of supplying goods for a profit, sometimes it acts as a bartering system, in which you have something someone else wants and the other party pays you for it. An economy flourishes when many people are working and then putting a part of their earnings back into the economy by purchasing other products. When people feel that things are not going as well as they should be they tend to hold on to their earnings, ending the cycle of in and out. When this happens you are left with a sluggish economy that can lead to layoffs causing a rise in unemployment.  

Many factors take place to make an economy what it is. At any given time technology can play a role in boosting an economy allowing for more goods to be sold, creating jobs and a surplus in revenue. But an economy can also fail when enough emphasis has not been placed on creating new sources of consumption, thus ending the cycle of supply and demand. You must have the ability to produce a product that someone else needs such as natural resources, food, and automobiles, to name a few.

Economies over the years have had their ups and downs. When they are at their lowest point and jobs are scarce it is usually a sign of a recession. 


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