United States Political Party: Democrats

Democrats are people who belong to the Democratic Political Party. This is one of the 2 major political parties that operate in the United States. Democrats believe in the center-left approach that is inclined towards social liberalism and progressiveness. It is one of the oldest political parties in the United States and it also has the record of the longest run of continuous operation. 

The Democratic Party is said to have been created when Anti-Federalist factions opposed the fiscal policies of Alexander Hamilton in the 1970’s. These factions were created and organized by Thomas Jefferson and James Madison. This was a party that favored state rights and strict adherence to the constitution

The democrats also have a Student Wing called the College Democrats of America and a Young Wing called the Young Democrats of America. The official color of all democrats is blue.

Democrats favor higher minimum wage, a progressive tax structure, affordable healthcare for all, equal opportunity, birth control and stem cell research. In terms of legal issues, they believe that torture is not something that can be used, gun control measures were required to reduce crime and they do not support the death penalty as much as the republicans do. 

Some of the famous democrats in the United States political scene are Bill Clinton, Al Gore, John Edwards, Howard Dean, James Carville, Rahm Emanuel, Barney Frank, Nancy Peloski, Hilary Clinton and Barack Obama. Other noted democrats in history have been Franklin D. Roosevelt, Jimmy Carter and Bill Clinton. 


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