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The most important part of the United States Law is the Constitution itself, which is responsible for the formation of the United States Federal Government. It is the constitution that details the scope of federal law that consists of acts of Congress, constitutional treaties, constitutional regulations and the case law that originates in the judiciary.

The law of the United States was initially derived from the common law system of the English Law, which was the law that was in practice at the time of the Revolution. But there have been numerous changes that have been made in terms of the procedures and the substance of the law from there on. 

Law in the United States can be derived from various sources. These include constitutional law, statutory law, administrative regulations and common law. It is important to understand that there can be no law that violates the constitution in any way. 

Law in the United States also has various levels. There is the federal law that originates in the Constitution that allows the congress to create statutes and regulations.  The state law on the other hand provides the power to the state government to create laws in specific areas. These are necessarily areas that are not directly governed by the federal laws. Law procedures in the United States can be criminal in nature or civil. 


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