United States Political Party: Libertarians

Libertarians are members of the Libertarian Party in the United States. It is the third largest and the fastest growing political party in the country. The Libertarians believe in their own brand of libertarianism that favors minimalistic regulation and laissez-faire markets. They also believe in strong civil liberties and low levels of rules with regards to migration across borders. In addition to that those who belong to the party believe in no intervention in foreign policy and believe that the country should avoid any kind of entanglements with foreign military or economy. 

The Libertarian Party was formed in Colorado Springs in 1971. The formation was basically sparked off by the Vietnam War and the end of the Gold Standard. The Libertarians also form state committees and there are smaller committees across the nation too at the town level, the city level and the borough level too. The party supports legalization of drugs, pornography, prostitution and gambling and believes that restrictions on homosexuality should be removed.

The first Libertarian presidential candidate was John Hospers who received one electoral vote in 1972. Some of the other candidates for the presidency from this party have been Roger McBride, Ed Clark, David Bergland, Ron Paul, Andre Marrou, Harry Browne, Michael Badnarik and Bob Barr.  


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