United States Political Party: Independents

Independents are individuals in the political scene that are not associated with a specific political party. When various parties have a view point that is an extreme, independents choose to stand as single candidates for the elections making their own ideologies known that are different from either of the parties involved. These politicians are often those who break away from specific parties due to some disagreement over beliefs and policies.

George Washington has been the only president of the United States who was elected as an independent. This continued for the entire period of the 2 terms that he served. There was a brief period of time when John Tyler served as President without being affiliated to any party. Some of the other independent presidential candidates that became fairly popular during their time include John Anderson, Ross Perot and Ralph Nader. 

The state political scene sees a larger number of independents. The states of Illinois, Maine, Oregon, Rhode Island and Texas have elected independent candidates as governor. However, there have been many unsuccessful independent gubernatorial candidates too. State legislator and prior democrat Barbara Merrill, country music singer and mystery novelist Kinky Friedman and State Comptroller Carole Keeton Strayhorn have been some independents that changed the overall outcome of the election due to the votes that they received. 


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