United States Political Party: Tea Party

The Tea Party Movement (TPM) is a populist movement that is considered to be fiscally conservative and libertarian. It has supported various kinds of protests and political candidates since 2009. Some of the aspects that the Tea Party Movement believes in include lower spending by the government, opposition to varying levels of taxation, reduction in national debt and sticking to the original interpretation of the United States Constitution. 

The name of the Tea Party Movement has been derived from the Boston Tea Party where colonists protested the British Tax on tea in 1773. This original tea Party Movement involved taking British tea from the docks and dumping it into the harbor. 

There is no central leadership for the Tea Party Movement and is an affiliation of local and national groups that have their own agendas and platforms of protest. Some of the notable figures who are part of this movement include Ron Paul, Sarah Palin, Dick Armey, Eric Cantor and Michael Bachmann. Paul is however, often called the ‘intellectual father of the movement’. 

Some feel that the Tea Party Movement is actually a simple rebranding of the traditional Republican policies and beliefs and comprises of those who have become tired of the changed ideologies of the Republican Party over time.



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