Politician: Joe Biden

Joseph Robinette, mostly called Joe Biden Jr. is the 47th Vice President of the United States. Born on November 20, 1942, he took over the office of Vice President on January 20, 2009. Born in Scranton Pennsylvania Biden lived in his place of birth for ten years before moving to Delaware. He studied to become an attorney and was elected to the city council in 1970. Two years later he was elected to the Senate and at this stage he became the 6th youngest senator in US history.

Joe Biden has been elected to the Senate six times. Biden has also been a long standing member of the Foreign Relations Committee and the role that he played helped in bringing about US military assistance to the Bosnian War. He was against the Gulf War in 1991 and also pushed the Iraq War Resolution in 2002. 

Joe has also been the chairman of the Senate Judiciary Committee and dealt with matters related to drug policy, civil liberties and crime; something that led to the Violent Crime Control and law Enforcement Act and the Violence Against Women Act.

While Biden wanted to opt for the Democratic presidential nominations in 1988 and 2008, he was unsuccessful both times and dropped out early.


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