Politician: Harry Reid

Harry Mason Reid is a United States Senator from the state of Nevada. He has been serving in this office since 1987 and belongs to the Democratic Party. Reid was also elected the Senate Majority leader in 2007 before which he was the Minority Leader, Minority and Majority Whip too. Prior to being in the Senate, he was also a member of the United States House of Representatives

Before he came on to the National scene, Reid has also served in the state of Nevada as city attorney, state legislature, Lieutenant Governor and Chairman of the Nevada Gaming Commission. 

Born in Searchligth, Nevada, he is the son of a laundress and a miner. His paternal grandmother is also known to be an immigrant from England. Times were tough for this politician while growing up and they did not have an indoor toilet, hot water or a telephone at home. He attended the Basic High School in Henderson while boarding with relatives. He also attended the Southern Utah University before going to the George Washington University Law School while he worked for the United States Capitol Police. 

Early political career was in the city of Henderson post which he was elected to the Nevada Assembly. From then on the senator never looked back.


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