Politician: Newton Gingrich

Newton Leroy Gingrich was born as Newton Leroy McPherson on June 17, 1943. The marriage of his parents fell apart in days and when his mother married an army officer, Robert Gingrich, he officially adopted Newton as his son. 

Gingrich, who has served the country as the 58th Speaker of the United States House of Representatives from 1995 to 1999, has represented the 6th congressional district of Georgia since 1979. A Republican, Gingrich is also the presidential candidate for the political party in the 2012.  

Born in Harrisburg, Pennsylvania, Gingrich was raised in a small village. A college professor by profession, he had tried to run for the House twice before he could actually succeed in 1978. Post this, he was elected 10 times. The work that he did as a member of the Republican minority landed him the role of the House Minority Whip; something he inherited from Dick Cheney in 1989. 

The man has been a significant person in dramatic success of the Republican Party in 1994. This is also the year when he was elected as the Speaker of the House. He was also heralded as the ‘Man of the year’ in 1995 when he was influential in the Republican Revolution in the house; a move that ended 40 years of Democratic majority. During his tenure as a speaker, the Congress passed the 1996 reform of Welfare, Capital gains tax cuts and the first balanced budget since 1969.


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