United States Political Issue: War

A very popular topic in the political environment, is the topic of wars, were United States has been in several wars since the beginning of documented American history. Back in the beginning, even before the United States became a country several wars ensued for the control of lands that were later named into the 48 states. Since then there have been numerous wars that the United States has participated in including the Civil War, World Wars I and II, Vietnam and the Gulf Wars. 

The later wars, including the Vietnam and Gulf Wars along with the wars in the Middle East have been very political in nature. Presidents during the wartime have taken a great amount of flak for their decisions to deploy troops when many view the action as unnecessary. During wartime the expenses increase, which affect the economy in a negative manner. Hence, the decision to go to war is not made lightly by presidents and the house of Congress and takes a while for approval. However, it goes without disputing that wartime presidents often take a higher level of politics into question making the topic a reason for intense debates. 


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