United States Political Issue: Foreign Policy

In order for any candidate to get elected into office, they must have a thorough understanding of foreign policy. Foreign policy is simply the way the United States sets down the guidelines on how to interact with foreign nations whether on a corporation, governmental and individual basis. The foreign minister of the United States is known as the Secretary of State. However, while the Secretary of State has the ability to oversee and define the foreign policy of the United States, the president has the full authority over the policy and can change as he deems necessary. 

Foreign policy includes the trade policy - both imports and exports - and the matter in which the trade is handled. Treaties are created amongst countries that are in tune with the actions that are allowed and those which are not tolerated by United States. Treaties will also list the consequences should the foreign policy not be followed. Since the United States is a forerunner in the foreign trade and in foreign organizations, it is necessary to have a president or Secretary of State who can not only negotiate foreign policy, but improve it as well.


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