United States Political Issue: Unions

Unions are formed when people within the same trade or industry get together to form a group that will work to serve the interest of the employees. Unions come in many different forms - for example there are labor unions, governmental unions, private corporate unions, etc.

Each union member will pay dues - decided within the terms of the contract - that will help serve the purpose of the union’s activities. Activities can include picketing, lobbying for better salaries and benefits as well as negotiating contracts with local businesses to provide services at reduced prices. Unions will have presidents and officers along with representatives who will work to establish union guidelines and enroll new employees. 

Unions are a political hot button because they may not always work in favor of the citizens. Where salaries and terminations are covered under contracts for union workers, other citizens in the area are subject to regular regulations which means they are employed at will.

Unions are deemed important to some industries such as trades as - construction, plumbers, utility workers - and governments. While they have been around for several decades, political debates question the necessity of their existence. Private corporate unions are formed by companies who have similar agendas in mind and work together as one for the cause.


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