United States Political Issue: Education

Education is any act of teaching and learning that has a formative effects on the character, mind or physical abilities of a person. The teacher deliberately transfers some sort of information to his or her students and the student then utilizes it in one or another way. The main subjects presented early on are English, math, science and social studies. In earlier development years having a teacher that is able to capture the mind of his students can help to play a role in the student’s future learning. It is important for a teacher to identify with the students and learn their strengths and weakness. Preferring a subject over another will separate the students over time and advance them into different fields of interest.

Education is important as it helps to create a prosperous economy. As children grow and progress with their studies they are learning more and more. Once they graduate and move into the work force they will become valuable for the future of their society. When education fails and students drop out they become depend on others for survival, thus putting a strain on the economy. Having as many children achieve success early on will help to ensure a sound future full of doctors, lawyers, scientists, technicians and many other bright minds to lead the way for the next generation. 


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