United States Political Issue: Marriage

While marriage is not typically a political issue, it has come to the forefront as many gay couples battle for the right to marry their partners. The debate surrounds what people perceive to be the sanctity of marriage and state the union should only occur between a man and a woman. However, gay couples are fighting back claiming that they have the same right to express love and commitment to their partners and refuse to give up the basic civil right to marry the person they want to be with. Churches are denying the right to marry partners of the same sex and state and federal governments are siding with the churches in an effort to prevent gay marriages. 

The more time that passes, the more states have begun to allow same sex marriages, but there are still issues with the marriages being recognized as actual unions. The definition of marriage has come under scrutiny during the protests and lawsuits, which is why marriage is considered more of a political topic than a private one. 


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