United States Political Issue: Immigration

Immigration is a term used when a person or people, foreigners, migrate to another country. There are many different reasons why a person would want to go to another country to live. Some people leave their country for another due to poverty or natural disasters, others leave because of war or safety reasons and yet others leave because they have family in another country. Whatever the reason, immigration has been going on since countries began drawing borders. People went from place to place freely until countries were created and borders identified.

Much emphasis has been placed on illegal immigration. Illegal immigrants are the people who cross borders generally under the cover of darkness and with the help of others, many people apply for citizenship in various countries every day. The process is long and hard as valid reasons for entering another country to make it a person’s permanent residence are required. 

Background checks are done and identification is required such as a driver’s license, passport and birth certificate. A person first obtains a temporary card, such as a green card and then waits for their citizenship to be accepted. This process can take many years and at the end of the day can be easily denied if the person is found suitable.


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