United States Political Issue: Gay Rights

One of the popular and controversial topic that has a consistent debate within the political environment is gay rights. Gay people have been fighting for their rights for decades. There was a point in society where being gay was not acceptable or even spoken of, despite the fact that it existed. As the years progress, however, more gay people and couples spoke out on the issue and took action into their own hands. Civil rights have been brought to the forefront and gay people advocate that no person should be denied rights because of sexual orientation. Some of the rights that gay people fight for are the right to get married, the right to adopt children and to be recognized as being gay without being discriminated against. 

The gay community has made great strides toward achieving their goals, but they will always fight for the acceptance of their peers. Civil rights can be disputed and fought in a court of law, but society is the main deterrent. Many protests have been held both in favor and against issues such as gay marriage, which has taken some time for states to approve the rights and till now only handful of states officially recognize gay couples.



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