United States Political Issue: Entitlements

Entitlements are programs that offer benefits where citizens are guaranteed to receive them. Such examples of entitlements in the United States include Medicare, Social Security and Medicaid. Each of these programs have come under scrutiny more than once in different eras. In the 1930s when Social Security Administration was set up, it was to offset some of the effects from the Great Depression. It gave a way to earn and save money for retirement when workers were no longer able to perform their duties. Medicare and Medicaid are set in place to help those who do not have money and cannot afford medical expenses. 

Because these entitlements take up a large portion of the United States’ budget, there have been many attempts to reform the programs to make them useful and long lasting for future generations. There is always a political agenda surrounding the entitlements because they are federally funded programs. The United States Government has proposed to cut the entitlement programs more than once in an effort to boost the economy by lowering spending. This has failed on all occasions through 2011 because of the necessity and the many millions who rely on the programs. 


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