United States Political Issue: Net Neutrality

Often unheard of, it is very unclear to some people what is meant by net neutrality. Simply put, net neutrality is the restriction of governance when it comes to usage of the internet. This is a political issue because the goal is to keep government officials from policing the activities that happen on the internet. The Internet would become a platform much like the utility companies in that everyone is available to use the internet without consequences. 

There are several issues that are posed by net neutrality, however, that raise some serious concerns. If the government is restricted from policing activities that take place on the internet, there would be an outbreak of crime in the forms of identity theft and the potential for pedophiles to have easier access to their victims.

In addition to the cons of the political issue, there are several advantages. Without government interference, there would be no real barriers to the internet. Having full freedom of speech would, for once, be true. Net neutrality may not ever happen fully, but it does have the political atmosphere abuzz.


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