United States Political Issue: Environment

Environment can be described as a person’s surroundings, known as the social environment. The environment a person grows up in can dramatically affect their future. All elements of a beings surroundings help to shape that person into whom they become. First instance, in our inner cities it is much more difficult for a person to escape poverty and the drug induced environment. For a person to break free from this environment they have truly achieved something. Another instance can be a person who grows up in an atmosphere of worthlessness. 

When a person believes that they are who they are and no more they tend to be satisfied with it and do not go on to become who they could have been if otherwise guided. Every person is a product of their environment. Growing up with encouragement helps to produce a person who will go on to excel. 

Environment can also apply to the ecosystem, all living beings, plants and climate. A political issue surrounding the environment is to protect the ecosystem and the areas around it. Some of the hot debates surrounding the political nature of the environment are whether or not to drill on domestic soil. Finally, it is also considered a political issue about the rate at which natural disasters are responded to by federal agencies to help bring back the environment back to normal. 


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